Centerstage @ NoDa is a top notch facility. Our event travels across the country and has been held in 45 different facilities for the last 4 years. If you add all that up, that's a whole lot of facilities, it's a tough decision to say that Centerstage has been #1.

Big Shoulders Digital Visual Productions

Fantastic venue for #farrewelltownsend wedding reception. Staff was very PROfessional from start to finish and on call whenever needed. I would HIGHLY recommend them and the food was delish!

Myra Deshields Ferrell

My experience with the staff and Centerstage was exemplary. I found them to be welcoming and helpful, responding promptly and professionally to all of my requests. The event space was outstanding, I look forward to our next occasion.


This was a great venue for the concert we attended. The space has a well-controlled climate, very clean overall, and afforded a lot of room for people to gather . It was well-suited to the musical group that came, as they decided to hold a concert "in the round" - a very intimate feel, which was unexpected for a multipurpose space like this.
Keep this place in mind for your next large gathering event!

Cheyne Stilwell

The CenterStage@NoDa staff was very professional and provided a good experience throughout the card tournament we held in Feb 2018. The tournament attendees enjoyed the environment, felt the venue was cozy while also providing space enough to hold several hundred attendees.

CenterStage@NoDa staff gave me, as the Tournament Organizer, appropriate attention before and during the event to make things less stressful.
We appreciate their support.

Mary Fortner