How to Choose an Event Venue

2-(1)Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate dinner or a themed fundraiser, the venue you choose can make a huge impact on the event’s success. But, with so many options available – how does one decide? Here are a few guidelines for selecting a venue that sets your event up for success!

Venue Location

You want to find a venue that’s close to everything, but not in the thick of things. When you choose a venue that’s too close to other attractions, you’re up against parking challenges and traffic flow changes. The ideal venue is close enough to hotels that it’s convenient for guests, but far enough away that attendance doesn’t become a burden.

Your Event Budget

When touring venues, it’s important to understand what your budget buys in each location. Ask if chairs, table linens and other décor is included; find out if you must hire a cleaning crew or if that’s provided in the cost; get a definitive answer on minimums. An open and honest conversation about pricing makes it easier to stay on budget.

Venue Size

Know how many people can fit comfortably inside – and be clear about whether your guests will be seated or standing. For a more intimate event, a large space can be closed off for a cozy feel – but a small space can never be expanded to accommodate more guests. Choose wisely.

Venue Parking & Event Security

You want guests to have fun, but their safety is also a concern. Make sure the venue you choose offers ample parking and security on-site to see to the safety of guests and vehicles.

Event Services & Amenities

Does the venue in question have a kitchen and bar for food and drink prep? Are enough restrooms available to accommodate your guest list? Does the venue provide A/V set up? Will the venue provide you with a list of preferred vendors for the services they aren’t able to offer? Sometimes, these often-overlooked elements make a huge difference in the ease and enjoyment of events.

Venue Flexibility

Often, event spaces can’t accommodate the creative vision of the client. That’s why it’s important that you’re able so completely transform a space. For example, if you want to put a football field or racecar inside, you can’t use the ballroom at the local hotel. Make sure that the space is flexible enough to carry your vision and bring your event to life.

Venue Staff

Events are stressful and the people you put on your team can make it a wonderful experience or an excruciating episode. That’s why it’s important to consider the years of experience the venue staff has to offer, whether their work styles are compatible with your own, their level of responsiveness and how quickly they can think on their feet. After all, no matter how carefully you plan, something almost always goes wrong. The right venue staff can help you troubleshoot and find a solution quickly and easily without guest involvement.

There are plenty of points for consideration when selecting the venue that’s right for your event. What’s most important, though, is that you allow plenty of time for touring, meeting and decision-making.

Does anything on this list surprise you? Do you have questions about any of the items above? Leave a comment below for a member of the CenterStageNODA team.