Corporate Events Take Center Stage

3Say goodbye to seated corporate events and hello to  the age of engagement. Corporate event attendees can expect to spend less time listening and more time interacting. Less watching, more doing.

It’s a deviation from oatmeal colored conference rooms – and a warm embrace of a multi-sensory experience designed to inspire creativity and interpersonal connections for team members.

Admittedly, creating engagement for a corporate event is a little more daunting than traditional planning. The age of engagement asks that planners do more than reserve a banquet room and microphone. But, the payoff for your extra efforts are worth it. A more engaged team translates to increased job satisfaction, improved performance, higher productivity and increased profits once your travelers return home.

How does one get started? Here are a elements you can include to create a more engaging corporate event:

  1. Show local some love during your corporate gathering! Add local flair with seasonal menus from nearby growers, live music by neighborhood bands or performers and give gifts that are signature to the area. The support of local creates a more meaningful experience for attendees and helps guests feel more at ease when they’re away from home.
  2. Get up and get going during your next sales meeting! Today’s corporate event additions give moving and shaking have a whole new meaning! Attendees are out of their chairs, playing games, solving challenge tables, enjoying simulators or doing fire walks. Think high-energy, positive energy infused, confidence-building fun.
  3. Create a multi-sensory experience to take corporate events to the next level. Add 3-D mapping, scents, hands-on kiosks, textured furnishings and themed refreshments to create the emotional connection to your brand that ambassadors need to succeed.
  4. Embrace virtual attendance to improve meetings for remote attendees. 3-D speaker displays, digital hangouts, social media interaction and custom apps keep your team feeling close – even when they’re far away.
  5. In the age of engagement, event transportation is varied and provided by the company or event venue. During the engaged corporate event, attendees have access – not only to busses and cars – but, segways, bikes, skateboards and other alternative forms of transportation to make moving  between meetings a part of the fun.
  6. Informal environments, like renovated warehouses, create a more relaxed atmosphere for corporate events. When you let people get away from a buttoned-up environment, they’re able to relax and absorb information in a different way. Plus, it’s a little easier on the stress levels.
  7. Finally, be sure to schedule time for guest relaxation. It sounds counter to the productivity culture to which some companies subscribe. But, allowing for downtime keeps attendee energy high. It’s imperative to be thoughtful of disconnection that lets guests charge their own batteries – not just their cell phones.

If you’re planning a corporate event, CenterStageNODA offers an exceptional blank canvas with 10,000 sf and an expansive barrel roof with trussed ceilings, just 2-minutes from Uptown Charlotte. And, because we believe in providing exceptional service and support, we help you get your event right with a list of preferred vendor partners that make planning a breeze.

Have questions or want additional ideas and suggestions for ways to make use of our space? Leave a comment below.